Charlize theron dating alexander who is dating on dancing with the stars

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Charlize theron dating alexander

The celebrity machinery doesn’t interest her much.“For a woman that beautiful and that intelligent, she has a very down-to-earth approach to life,” says Shirley Mac­Laine, who befriended Theron after an awards ceremony in which an awestruck Theron planted a playful kiss on Mac Laine’s behind.“She has opted for simplicity, and that is a very wise choice.”Theron chooses films carefully, often passing over the easy money for projects she strongly believes in, films like pairing of Reitman and screenwriter Diablo Cody, which opens this month. It’s a warm autumn evening in Los Angeles, and I’m sitting with Theron at a near-empty Japanese restaurant.

She will mock my voice, and when I move too slowly for her, she will refer to me as “Grandpa.” We will be photographed together by the paparazzi, causing Theron to speculate we will soon be described by the tabloids as “getting it on.” (A prospect fine by me and comical to my wife but surely mortifying for Theron.) That said, we will do the most intimate, soul-baring thing two people can do: exchange music. Somehow, Theron will get me kicked out of a coffee shop, which I didn’t think was possible.

When the pairing began to falter, Theron says, she was desperate to save it; acting took a backseat. I wouldn’t do it any different way.”As we meet, Theron is single—a foreign experience. “I’m a creature who’s really found her comfort zone in relationships.”We are eating ice cream across the street from the Japanese restaurant.

“It was sinking, and I had to give it a fight,” she says. To be specific, we are sitting at a table outside a coffee shop next to the ice-cream store, because all the tables outside the ice-cream store are taken.“It’s been nice to rediscover myself,” Theron says.

The injured ballerina who goes to Hollywood to be an actress doesn’t become an actress. The night she was up for it, in a shimmering Gucci dress, she felt “like a princess.” At the last second, Diane Lane switched her seat so Theron’s mother, Gerda, could be next to her when the envelope was opened.“It was life-changing—it opened a lot of doors,” says Theron, who was nominated again for 2005’s Today, Theron has her own production company, Denver and Delilah, with projects ranging from films to reality TV.

Somewhere along the way, reality intrudes on the dream. There were early signals she could—stolen scenes as a bombshell girlfriend in “The Golden Frog, you’re talking about? There is her foundation, Africa Outreach Project, where the primary mission is reducing HIV/AIDS and sexual violence among African youth.

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Theron gave Mavis a pigeon-toed walk, which she says is based on Reitman’s shuffle.

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