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It was intended simply to provide a tool to allow an instructor to teach holding and aiming.

To that end, the rifle was provided with a bolt which actioned realistically, including a safety, sights equivalent to those on the service arm for which it was a reproduction, and a representative trigger pull.

The SWIFTRAIN organisation also offered to the market the "S. During the War period, the rifle was even reported as being available for use by the general public at "Wings for Victory" or equivalent Army displays - a recruiting device no less! The Swift Rifle Series A The first mark of Swift training rifle was most evidently designed around the Pattern'14 ( Enfield No.3) Rifle. The fore-end arrangement carried a weighty and cumbersome hood - although strangely elegant in its own way - to protect the mechanism and "sharp bits".

Post-War, it is known that some rifles were on the inventories of Air Training Squadrons for cadet use and that these rifles mostly lay idle in their armouries until well into the 1950s - largely only being aired as curiosities. The hood had an open rear end and an aperture cut in the front to permit sighting through the woodwork. The paired pin and blade were sent forward almost instantaneously, when the trigger was pulled, by a long and strong spring tensioned when the bolt was operated.

It can be so inverted for use, or to act as a rest to stand the rifle on a flat surface.

The basic design, however, was still that of the early Series A rifle, being an emulation of the No.3 (P14) service arm.

and below, a more detailed image of the label showing the cross-sectioned rifle. The Mark III was the last version in the style of the Series B Rifles with the raised hood over the 'muzzle' workings of the rifle.

This allowed assessment, by the instructor, of any cant (lateral tilting) of the rifle by the student.

Even a small degree of cant on a full-bore rifle, particularly when shooting at long range, could result in a miss several feet to one side - and low - of the point of aim.

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The rifle's main advantage was that it presented a means of familiarising recruits with the Service rifle without expenditure of ammunition, or occupation of valuable range facilities needed for more advanced training. Shore's comment in "" - for details see BIBLIOGRAPHY), attempts were made to sell them in other quarters.

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