Disadvantages of dating older men

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Disadvantages of dating older men

He’s not very active: this might not stand true for every one, but it’s probably right for most of the older guys out there. But if you are 21 and want to experience a crazy week in Miami or a reckless weekend in Las Vegas, then probably you need to someone younger to be more spontaneous with your plans.

He will support you so that you don’t go crazy if you stay unemployed for 2-3 months.At the end of the day, our relationship advice goes as far as putting the facts on the table and not taking sides.If you consider dating older men but have doubts, the following pros and cons will let you decide.Dating older men means that he guide you through life as he has been there before you and can tell you what’s going to work and what to avoid.They have lived through tough situations and have come out strong.

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Love does not recognize ages and we have many examples where women dating older men had an amazing time with them or ended up marrying these guys.

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