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In addition, the half-life of ccf DNAs in the blood is variable, but relatively short, ranging from 15 minutes to a few hours .

This small window could make the timing for blood draws critical, especially when monitoring response to treatments.

In addition, the amount of ccf DNA found is elevated during cancer development, and elevated ccf DNA levels in plasma have been associated with poorer survival rates for some types of cancer .

All of these associations is what makes ccf DNAs such hopeful targets for liquid biopsies.

Loss-of-function Src42 mutations shorten tracheal tubes, whereas Src42 overexpression elongates them. Xu, the Bloomington Stock Center and the Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank for fly stocks and reagents, M.

Surprisingly, Src42 acts distinctly from known tube-size pathways and regulates both the amount of apical surface growth and, with the conserved formin d Daam, the direction of growth. Dudley for discussions, Bill Russin and the Northwestern Biological Imaging Facility for imaging support, S.

It also means that this population of circulating fragments found in a patient’s blood could act as biomarkers for their disease.

Even heathy individuals have low levels of extracellular DNA circulating in their blood.

Networks of epithelial and endothelial tubes are essential for the function of organs such as the lung, kidney and vascular system. N.), an Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Award (to K. N.), a grant from the Northwestern University Alumni Association (to G. B.), NIH grant P50 GM 071508, principal investigator D. It is therefore critical to understand how tube dimensions are regulated. Here we identify the tyrosine kinase Src as an instructive regulator of epithelial-tube length in the Drosophila tracheal system. K.), and Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA) grant K 82039 (to J. generated and analysed individual dorsal-trunk cell quantifications, I. generated the UAS–Flag–d Daam construct and the d Daam antibody, K.

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Unlike traditional biopsies, which take a sample of tissue that—hopefully—includes cancer cells, liquid biopsies screen for free-floating pieces of DNA or RNA from the cancerous cells.