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Non religious online dating

The first wedding Mike and I ever went to had two officiants.

Each officiant was a very close family friend to each of the people getting married.

But Mike and Megan, never ones to be conventional, have asked friends and family to bless them with 7 ingredients instead. Officiant One: So there you have it — seven ingredients to bless this union.

If these ingredients could make a cake, then now it’s time for the frosting: Mike and Megan’s intentions to each other [Partner One's vows] Partner Two's person: Mike, do you have a rebuttal?

(Keep in mind we're foodies and our wedding was slightly Game of Thrones-themed, so pardon any and all foodstagram references, TV show puns, and spoilers!

Officiant One: And look around you, Mike and Megan, at those who are here and present in this moment to surround you with their love.

Your friends, family and beloved dog bestow so much love upon you two, individually and together.

Officiant Two: But we do want to pause and honor those who are unfortunately not with us today, especially Mike’s father Alan, whom we lost just a few weeks ago.

Although we never stop grieving for those who have passed, we do find ways to be happy again, like by being here today to witness this union. Officiant One: By now, we all know that Mike and Megan found each other at a Game of Thrones viewing party and podcast.

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[Include some super personal adventure stories here.] And through it all, Megan has always had my back and I am honored to have hers.

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