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They have these huge listings about what’s happening in town, including gay parties and get-togethers.

I look these sites up and get in touch with someone if I like,” he says. “Oh, they are mostly very private affairs, and like any other Indian gathering with lots to eat and drink. Yet the beaches and pubs that thrive on pink tourism mostly do so on the sly.

And yet Goa is one of the more gay friendly destinations of India – with a booming business in gay tourism, a number of gay friendly clubs and beaches, and an overall attitude of openness not often seen in other states.

The Goan businessman seldom discusses his sexuality, but he is certain his family and friends know that he is gay. Treatment and attitudes range from tolerant to insensitive to downright cruel.

With his favourite hang-outs closed, and disappointed with the few gay joints that must operate secretly and under constant threat of closure by homophobic opponents, Joe now relies on the Internet to find men to date.

“There are sites like Man Jam, Gaydar, Planet Romeo…

There’s no open lesbian scene to speak of, and Jack believes it must be “100 times more difficult for the lesbians” than it is for men to come out of the closet.

Of course many gays do not register with any NGO, and precise figures on the number of gays in Goa are not available.

I am 42, still not married, and always in the company of young good-looking men. ” Being gay in Goa is not a particularly easy thing for him or the other tens of thousands of homosexuals in the state.

Still, a number of watering holes where gays enjoyed themselves without feeling isolated or judged have shut down.

Mayesh says the oldest of the six lesbians is a 48-year-old unmarried woman who has a steady partner, though they don’t live together.

The others are either married or are being forced to marry, he reveals.

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And gays in Goa today are reluctant to talk openly about the beaches and pubs they frequent, for fear those places would meet the same fate as hotspots like Eden and Paradise.