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When you go up on a trapeze, it is so very high, but when you start flying and doing tricks you are forced to overcome the fear.

'I was discovered – as a model – at the age of 16 and signed to the Select Models agency.

I am an animal lover and I think it would be good for me as a person to have chickens and goats and to live with nature. It was a craze when I was at Italia Conti and everyone was eating it. Kate [Moss] is one of them and I am very protective of her.

But for some reason that hasn’t happened and I live on the same street where my parents settled after I was born. We first met in August 1997, a few weeks before I got married to Jude [Law] and she lent me her John Galliano dress, which I wore to the wedding.

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I have a lot of my father’s work in the house, but I especially treasure the last letter he sent me.I didn’t know he was going to pass away and when he did I was in turmoil as I needed to say so many things to him.I am really scared of heights so I took up learning the trapeze as a way of combating that.I framed it and it’s in my bedroom, so every time I get up in the morning or go to bed and see it, I give him a little nod.I always had this idea that I would have a home in the countryside. As a good friend – the friends I have I’ve known for over 20 years.

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He painted a chest of drawers for the photographer David Bailey, who lived across the road from us.