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I feel like it's one of those special occasions that I am always reflexively doing the opposite of what you're probably supposed to do.

We were there with a dozen other people, heckling dogs from the nosebleeds.4.] (Sara Quin) It's funny, because I think we're fairly romantic and sentimental in terms of our personal lives and who we are.But I've always had a very strange feeling about Valentine's Day.Do you think it was inevitable that Tegan and Sara would make a record such as this one, which incorporate electronic beats and those kinds of influences? I definitely don't think we were heading towards a metal record [laughs]. If we were heading towards a metal record, that would be great too.But I think the spectrum of influence that we've been pulling from in our career –not that it's changed, it's just the emphasis on certain elements has changed. Old country to hip-hop to electronic -- we weren't discriminating against anything, but we obviously naturally gravitated towards a stripped-down singer/songwriter type of thing for the first couple of records.

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It's through collaborating with other people, different producers or songwriters, side projects, that sort of thing, even within the touring band, it's through that practice, that experience that's made Tegan and me more effective at collaborating with one another.

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